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Our services hover a commonly known career path however for diverse work environments we suggest having  consultation with our experts to kickstart their career alignment journey.


We@GNM Consulting Services,  believe a periodic and consistent mentoring and support is essential for each Professional to unblock their undiscovered career aspects

and re-learn their  potential as


True Human Resource - Best in Class Resource”. 


We work for you, with you  to amalgamate your professional challenges and self goals for “New You”.

This methodology is  achieved via working with you about your work life and career. Our desire  is to help you become an emphatic leader overcoming challenges in today's  disruptive environment  with your upgraded skills, interests, current work dynamics and the technological influences. 

We Provide a

Personalized Services 


Your career consultant's role is to explore options with you but not to direct you to a specific career choice;

it would be outside our values to do so. We are here to facilitate your journey in which you are the decision maker and you reach all the conclusions that ring true to you.

Our role is to help you change the way you look at things and help you to get to a place where you are able to make sound decisions based on your true motivations and a greater self-awareness.

This is why a major part of the process is the ‘Homework’ that you will do through your engagement progress, we would help you to encourage, plan your transformation journey, holded by us as a 

“Good Friend”.

Our process is designed to help you to focus on your unique interests, core values, motivations and your talents. Often these are treated as hidden gems which we focus on during the evolution stage. 

We@GNM Consulting Services help you to divert your attention  on your strengths -(the "Energisers”) and help you to develop

your under explored areas (the "Drainers"). 

We specialize in exploring and maximizing the use of capacities you already have and in helping you to achieve

“The Leadership Role”.

Strengths - based exploration

How Our Career Coaching Works:

Initial Consultation: Schedule a complimentary consultation to discuss your career goals, challenges, and expectations.

Together, we'll create a roadmap for your success.

Personalized Coaching Plan: Based on your consultation, we'll tailor a coaching plan that aligns with your aspirations.

This may include resume review, career strategy sessions, more.

Regular Coaching Sessions: Engage in regular one-on-one coaching sessions with your dedicated career coach.

Receive guidance, insights, and actionable steps to move your career forward.

Join the Professional League Who Have Transformed Their Careers with GNM Consulting's Career Coach Program .


Ready to take the next step in your professional journey? Schedule your consultation today and let us help you achieve your career dreams with confidence.

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